Amazon Affiliate Blog Stores Need These Features to Make Money

The amazing thing about Amazon affiliates and ecommerce entrepreneurs is that they run their businesses in secret.

Compared to all the other ways to make money online, online retail and Amazon affiliates are just fine serving their customer base with real value about the product offerings.

What I mean is they actually don’t want to have a high profile boasting about their lucrative business since all that does is increase competition.


In fact, you may occasionally hear from these Amazon internet marketers, and they may comment like this…


“I’ve been secretly tucked away and completely revamping my Amazon business…”


Morale of the story #1: Don’t give up!


Like I said, online retail is a dynamic environment and products come and go, so you should never focus an affiliate store or ecommerce drop ship store around product offerings, but around your target market customer.

The pros know this and it is never a surprise when you hear them share a little about how they keep growing their business by adding new products that their customers love.


for example, an Amazon affiliate marketer just shared to me the following:


“Since you’ve heard from me, I’ve added over $100,000 in additional sales and about $300,000 more by the end of this year (most of it profit). I don’t say that to brag, but I say that to inspire you.”


And inspire me he did.


So that is why I continue to invest in new amazing features inside the Empoweredecom software that has revolutionized how entrepreneurs are creating Amazon sites that can easily scale into drop ship stores.


The Google Problem

You know that Google hates simple sites with just a bunch of products added to them, right? More than a zebra hates seeing a lion on its tail!

So my programmer and I have put some badass body armor on that zebra with Empoweredecom!


Moral of the story #2: Make things easy!

I’d love to include everything that this software does, but the blog post would be about 4,000 pages long. Here are some of the top features:

Turn Amazon into Your Dropshipper and Fulfillment Service
Simple upgrade path For E-Commerce Domination
Add products from Amazon, ebay, and other stores to curate the best authority niche store for your customers
Tap into Over 256+ Million Products that Pay You Commissions
Propriety inventory updater Integrates with Amazon’s Systems so your site is always up to date.
And MUCH more!

Take a 14 day trial. And don’t worry, I’ll be adding some killer features on a regular basis

Best Wishes,



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