Amazon Affiliate Sites – What works NOW with Amazon

Once people realize that Amazon will pay you commissions when you refer people to Amazon, and knowing that
people are buying on Amazon anyway, they quickly decide to start using the Amazon Associates affiliate program to get their first taste of making money online.

What is better than marketing top brands that is for sale on the most trusted online retail store in the world?

Easy commissions.

But getting from the vision to actual reality can be troublesome.

That is why Empoweredecom focused on the “point click easy” features to enable you to set up your niche
authority sites that get first page rankings on Google and drive stunning conversions.

It should come as no surprise that there are ‘content and conversion’ strategies. Some people claim that similar strategies helped a former newbie go from 0 to $9,761 in just 3 months. I would say those results are not typical. It can happen with the right combination of advertising and content marketing.

In a nutshell…

The key to earning commissions is attracting visitors to your sites, click around, and
buy from your business partners.

Easier said than done.

Many marketers make the mistake of using clunky wordpress sites to make their Amazon niche blog sites, use low quality backlinks, and outdated SEO strategies or trying to buy their way to the top of rankings in an attempt to
get users to click on their site and convert them into commissions.

And if you decide to follow these methods, you have to understand
that Google may deindex your site. What this means is that your site will not show up in Google search results.

One of the benefits of being an Empoweredecom member, is that you’ll get the insider’s guide to ‘content, clicks & commissions’,
and how to crush it as an Amazon affiliate in 2015 and well beyond.

It’s worth it.

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