An Age Old Proven Formula… Mini Niche Websites that Make Money

What all marketing students learn in school, but lose sight of in the real world ( and that goes the same with some entrepreneurs) is this….

The mistake is when you ask an entrepreneur “who is their target market?” They respond with the answer: “everyone”.

Their eyes are big, they want the biggest market now. But this is the wrong path for new companies and entrepreneurs.
And it also hurts big companies that are so broadly diversified that they have strong competition focused in each category.


It is is the power of niche marketing.

Marketers like Frank Kern have made millions of dollars using this strategy in strange little niches like teaching your Parrot to talk.

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Would you believe you could earn $3,000 per month by helping people teach their parrots to talk? Weird, right?
But Frank Kern did it back in 2005.
Then he asked himself “what other pets are out there?” And within time, Kern published 600 websites. One for training each breed of dog.
All selling essentially the same eBook, besides the first chapter.
In 2006, that’s how Frank made his first million. Kern then taught this method of serializing his work to many others because it works.

That’s the power of niche marketing.

Taking a small (sometimes tiny) piece of a market, and speaking only to it.

German shepherds. Non-fiction Kindle publishing. Muscle gain for skinny guys. Horse Ownership for girls.

Hundreds of profitable niches exist.

You just have to pick one, and then absolutely dominate it.

This is one of my core business principles. It’s something I think about whenever I launch a new project.

How can I leverage my time and money?

Maybe you start with Amazon, then add an info-product. Then you broaden your offering to include physical offers, and t-shirts. Membership sites and group coaching.

You begin with one little lever, add layers as you go and end as the top authority.

That might sound overwhelming and intimidating, but it’s not…

Because by focusing on the the tiniest niche, and starting with the tiniest step…even a newest entrepreneur can get started.

My goal is to get you started earning passive income, and start growing a real business online.

How do you do that?

Inside Empoweredecom, I reveal my tested formula for creating weird,simple and extremely profitable niche websites in just one day.

It’s the same formula that’s been working for other online web marketers for over 10 years (…seriously how many other systems do you know of that have that much staying power?)

Despite all the trends and distractions, and despite all the Google updates, this method continues to create profitable and fulfilling incomes for many, many people.


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