Can I Make an Online Shop Store?

When it comes to selling your own products, you may read advice like the following:

I’m just thinking what can I advice to other people. I mean I was wondering if I can advice people on what platform to build their own online shop? (propably with Woocommerce) or a store to sell digital products
(probably with something like clickbank plugin) …


Since everyone will have a different business strategy, it is hard to give specific advice, but here are three things you need to know.


As you scale your business, wordpress will slow down.

WordPress was designed as a article management tool. Write a story, categorize it and post it. WordPress was not designed as an ecommerce platform. However, people were drawn to wordpress since it is free. Others wrote clunky programs to make it do things it was not meant to do. And the malware experts have access to the same code you do and they find ways to hack wordpress on a daily basis. So much so, that wordpress constantly has to be updated.  It does not take much effort to find horror stories all over the internet of people losing all their work after a plugin becomes obsolete and vulnerable to a virus attack. I don’t want to tell you that the “online shop” thing doesn’t work wiht wordpress. I’ve just never seen it work very well.


Online retail can be a high maintenance job with the wrong platform


Almost every 3rd party shopping cart on the market was made to look pretty. However, there is no automation in the backend. Empoweredecom was designed with the idea that the store can run itself. What you need to focus on is the marketing.


Amazon can make your life very difficult

Selling on Amazon is very lucrative when you have a best selling product in a high demand market. However, dropshipper’s life can become a nightmare as soon as you sell a product not in stock. Amazon penalizes you if you are not absolutely perfect.  Making sure your inventory and pricing is up to date can be very time consuming unless you have an online store that will update this information to Amazon automatically.

Empoweredecom was designed with feed management skills to make this effortless. All you have to do is make sure your store is up to date, and the store will then update all the feeds to the various shopping channels.


Finally, empoweredecom allows you to be an affiliate, a dropshipper, a seller of digital products, and a marketer of all different types of programs. When you join our community, you will get direct access to senior marketers who will help you get off to a fast start.



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