How to Find the Right Amazon Affiliate Theme

Wowzer, is there such a thing as the wrong Amazon affiliate theme? Sadly, the answer is yes. There are literally thousands of wordpress themes out there. There are some really good ones, and inevitably, there are some bad ones too.

Where to find Amazon Affiliate themes

Before I show you what make an Amazon theme excellent, I would like to share some of the bad reasons

This is not a fast and hard rule, and certain flaws are worse than others– also, some could be fixed with relative ease. Note that there is really only one service that passes all the tests, but I know those programers know where the problems are and may fix them at some point. In other words, you may have a tough time finding something other than empoweredecom that passes all these 10 points.

Ugly Astore style– I know beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. You have to decide on this one. If it’s ugly like the astore theme, move on and don’t even bother.

Looks like a boring e-commerce store– Another Amazon affiliate design problem is using a theme that spits out a few amazon products without any personality or unique content. Worse, you have a theme that looks like amazon. Your uniqueness is an important part of your brand, so it’s worth investing a little time to make your amazon store stand out.

Bandwidth hog– Some wordpress themes have too many images, large CSS file, add-on JavaScript files, and large HTML files. Make sure that what you are getting is worth the bandwidth usage. To check your theme bandwidth efficiency, check out Web Page Analyzer from Web Site Optimization. If you use Firefox, try Firebug and YSlow add-ons combination (awesome!). Some tips on reducing bandwidth usage:.

Reduce the number of images, scripts, and external CSS file (each image takes at least 1 HTTP request).Optimize images to make them smaller.

Database hog– Some themes can make a lot of unnecessary calls to the database. Tigopedia Reloaded uses only 2 database calls compared to its predecessor that uses 30+ calls.

Other than that, judicious use of plug-ins will also help reducing database usage.

Invalid HTML– Some themes are just not ready for the mobile world. This is probably one of the easiest problems to fix. Some theme designers don’t even take the time to validate their code. To check if your theme validates, try the W3C Markup Validation Service. You can use the “show source” option to help you track down and fix problems.

Invalid CSS– This is similar problem to the HTML validation. To check your CSS validation, try the W3C CSS Validation Service.

Poorly optimized for search engines– There are many articles about how to optimize WordPress for search engines, but when it comes to theme, we are dealing mainly with location of content relative to other code, use of headings, and use of links.

In general, good Amazon Affiliate Blog Store has the following characteristics:.

  • Present main content first and sidebar(s) afterward.
  • Use only one H1 heading for the post title (some may argue using H1 for blog title, but I think it’s more advantageous to use H1 for post title).
  • Use links sparingly and link directly to the post title.
  • Poor separation of content and design– Good theme should make good use of id and class attributes. It should have very little style declaration inside the template files itself. Also, CSS and JavaScript code should be in separate files and not included with the main HTML page.
  • Inflexible (hard to modify)– Code should be clean, well formatted, and strategically commented. I have tried several themes in the past and there are some that are so hard to work with, I simply stop using them.
  • Mobile ready– One of the common problems I see when visiting blogs through a portable device (e.g., an iphone) is bad rendering. Occasionally, I will see blog showing broken CSS code before I can get to the content.

Best Amazon Affiliate Theme and Hosting Package

I hope this post help you find your next Amazon affiliate theme. Before I go, I also want to make sure you know about the “almost-free” trial ($1 dollar) called empoweredecom. This platform gives you the power of a blog, while making Amazon affiliate commissions point click easy. You can watch a video about the top 2 benefits of Empoweredecom here.

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