How To Increase your Network Marketing Product Sales with this Simple Strategy

“Why convince the ‘unconvinced’?”


It does not take much time surfing the internet to run into various ‘big’ network marketing trainers sharing their “secrets”.

Specifically, he was touting a new sales script that is supposed to help people position the idea of business ownership to their warm market prospects. And then if they did not like the business, switch quickly to sell the product next.

I get what the script was meant to be used for, but my question is…

Why try to ‘convince’ the unconvinced? And sometimes the person who is a great business partner, may not even like the product (albeit rare).


My point is that sometimes we make our marketing efforts harder than it should be.

Why beg, chase, or convince ANYONE who isn’t already open, interested, and loving the idea of the benefits your product provides?

It’s an uphill battle in my mind.

How about you?

Is using a script like that to speak with your ‘warm market’ something that you think is useful? Personally…I think you’re delaying your success by going after people that you have to convince into being business minded.

Me, I’m not interested in that.

I’m interested in talking to prospects who are already searching for products like what I offer for a need they have. These potential customers are open, and genuinely eager to listen to what me and my product line has to offer.

Sound good to you?

Cool, make the decision now to skip the scripts out there that leave you having to convince folks. Instead, find folks who are already open, eager and interested!

That is why I use empoweredecom to build focused product sites in my target market. I leverage Amazon to help create a significant amount of my content, which brings in qualified prospects to my site and expose them to my network marketing customized solutions.  What a wonderful addition to my direct sales toolkit.

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