We do not believe in get-rich quick schemes. We believe in hard work, perseverance, and the admiral pursuit of  the entrepreneurial lifestyle. Starting your Internet Marketing career via the Amazon Associates program is a wise way to start earning income while you develop, acquire, and implement better marketing online. As such, your success is determined by many factors, including your desire to achieve, your dedication in that worthy goal, effort to develop your marketing skill, personal talent, and of course consumer demand for the products, promotions, and content offerings featured in your affiliate hybrid blog/store. These factors are beyond our control. You are responsible for the ultimate success of your website. We simply provide you all the tools necessary to get started so you only have to focus on the various aspects of marketing.

We make no guarantees, whether expressed or implied, regarding your experiences and results. Small business ownership involves numerous risks. As with every kind of business in the real world, your success will depend on your investment of time, work and resources. By purchasing and using our products and services, you are expressly agreeing to assume the risk associated with their use and are agreeing that our company is not responsible for any losses you experience.

In addition, it can take up to six weeks on average for search engines to thoroughly index a website into their directories. If you are looking for immediate results, we recommend that you sell products on sites like Amazon, Ebay and or host home parties. We offer shopping cart solutions for operating an ecommerce store and managing a drop shipping business. You can also advertise via pay per click using Google, Bing or other similar sites to get prominent search engine placement right away.

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