Leverage Facebook Marketing for Visitors to your Amazon Affiliate Store

If you’ve been utilizing Facebook, you may have noticed some active marketers  “Liking” their own blog posts merely as quickly as they post them.

While this could be checked out as a form of vanity play (Some people find it weird that you “Like” your own articles?),

in the majority of instances it isn’t really vanity behind the act of the like click.

Facebook has actually made various modifications to their newsfeed algorithm on a regular basis that ranks posts based on activity, sharing, and comments.

Now, as opposed to seeing all of your close friends’ blog posts, you just see a selected couple of (picked by Facebook certainly) showing up in your information feed.

Under the brand-new “Edge Rank” device, good friends that don’t “Like” and discuss your posts generally quit seeing them entirely before too lengthy.

The effects reduce your chance of getting a place in your target market newsfeed, but you still have the Ticker.

In order to compensate for your reduced exposure of your cool content and product links posted to your fan page in some of your friends’ information supplies,

Facebook included the ticker– a box in the right-hand column that notes the activities of your good friends as they happen.

This is where “liking” your very own posts, comments, and images comes into play.

When you “Like” a post related to your Amazon affiliate store blog,

that action is kept in mind in your good friends’ ticker boxes,

giving them a possibility to a minimum of be informed that you have uploaded something also if it does not appear in their Facebook news feed.

I have noticed that sharing my marketing content to other pages increases reach as well.

The lesson here is to leverage all of Facebook tools to get the exposure your Amazon Affiliate store business deserves.

This is just one way to get massive traffic and visitors to your Amazon Affiliate store, and boost your commissions!


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