Make Extra Money with Amazon

EBay, Amazon and other marketplaces such as, Newegg and Sears account for 27% of total online retail sales, and are continuing to grow.

How Big is Amazon?


  • On Average Amazon generates $117,882.00 in revenue every single minute
  • Amazon has 183 million products, enough to stock 1,290 WAL-MART Supercenters
  • Amazon has 152 Million User Accounts, and gets around 80 million unique visitors per month!

Lately, many Internet Marketers have been going on about the Amazon affiliate program and its advantages.

Does anyone make money with Amazon


More success stories of people making money online can be traced to the Amazon associates marketing physical products, digital media, and even services (i.e. Amazon Prime). If you want to learn how to make extra money with amazon, then you are in the right place.


4 Reasons Why Affiliates LOVE Amazon


  • Their affiliate program is stupendously easy to get in — unlike for instance the eBay affiliate program where they almost make you come in for a personal interview…
  • It converts extremely well, one of my websites averages conversion rates over 20% via Amazon affiliate links.
  • Amazon covers every niche you can imagine, plus you get an affiliate commission on EVERY product the referred buyer purchases in the next 24 hours — in fact, I know people that are generating 60 % of their commissions items that are completely unrelated to the actual niche of their website, yet he STILL gets paid extra commissions for these extra purchases.
  • Amazon respects their affiliates you won’t be banned for no reason like you see with the Google AdSense program and other major players.


However, being an Amazon affiliate used to take a lot of manual work, and in some cases the technical hurdles held people back. The biggest hurdle for most people is the idea of setting up a Website. For the few, that is really easy, but we understand that for many, it just seems so foreign and not doable. People don’t know where to even begin. And in most cases, people end up spending way too much money learning through trial and error.

Content needs to be added to those websites. Of course, the websites need traffic. This is probably the biggest reason why some people have given up on this.


How to Make Money with Amazon Associates


Now, there are many ways to make Amazon commissions from a little blog. But the commissions you may earn from an ugly widget posted in the sidebar will not even buy you a Starbucks coffee. But the niche Amazon stores that work all start with content, expert advice, and a full assortment of the best products in that category. Basically, showing people what they want to buy – when they want to buy it. Figuring out how to do this, will ALWAYS beat just having some random widget on your blog.

Luckily for us, Empoweredecom is the world’s first niche affiliate store platform, fully hosted in the Amazon cloud, that connects with Amazon, ebay, and Plainandsimpledeals. It is as easy as simply searching and clicking on products to upload them plus images, content, and other details  automatically to your authority niche site. And that is just one of the many powerful features of Empoweredecom. This platform is super-easy to use. Imagine creating a site that monetizes your passion about coffee. You fill the store with best selling coffee maker appliances, espresso machines, and even coffee beans. This is now a reality. Instant site creation.  Profitable site creation. Socially networking site creation

empoweredecom $1 trial

Creating an Amazon Affiliate Store


You name it, niche, offline, online, anything.  It really is about monetizing your passion. Having a done-for-you store powered by Amazon and infused with your affiliate link is so much simpler with empoweredecom.  Since empoweredecom was designed from an ecommerce expert that has sold over $20 million of physical products online since 2005 comes with all the functionality of the big ecommerce sites that also work with an affiliate store. Specifically, a simple backoffice that makes managing your store very easy. Empoweredecom store templates are responsive with autoupdated pricing and many other important features you need to create effective amazon affiliate store. Now you can join the many who are making extra money online.

Now it is your turn to  monetize your expertise and passion. And the pathway to do so is to create a small, niche review site powered by empoweredecom.  Are you an expert when it comes to Baby products? Or maybe it’s video games, or the right auto accessories for your late model Mercedes. It is time to make that knowledge go to work for you through a niche authority site that includes your advice and reviews. You may just accomplish the following:

#1: Generate traffic with BUYER intent

#2: Earn commissions on the entire order the buyer places at Amazon, ebay, or Plainandsimpledeals.

#3: It provides value to the end user

#4: Its super easy to rank for these products

#5: There are new products coming to market everyday, so the opportunity is ENDLESS

Now even though it is easy to add any product to your niche Authority website, here are some important advice from expert affiliates when it comes to choosing a product to promote on your site:

Choose best selling items. If the product belongs to the bestseller section, then you will be aware the product is selling well on Amazon. It means when you promote this product, you create a better opportunity to get customers to buy this product through your affiliate link.

Try to promote products with a 4.5 star review or higher -If you promote a product with low star review, you will have difficult time because people will view the product as low quality and not worth buying, well at least most of them will, as people rely heavily on the recommendations of other consumers. Products with good reviews have better perceived value by potential customers.

Try to find a product with more than 20 reviews -If the product has a high review rating, but only 3 people are actually reviewing the product, it means the rating is not accurate enough to represent the overall product quality and consumer satisfaction. If there are a higher number positive reviews… well the sales work is all but done for you.

empoweredecom $1 trial


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  1. Troy Denman says:

    Thanks for the info, very easy to follow and easy to execute. Looking forward to getting my site up ASAP.

    Thanks Again Brian

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