Revolutionary Affiliate Blog Store Platform Allows Total Control Of Your Affiliate Sites From 1 Hub

If you have not heard, many people run multiple affiliate blog stores in different niches.
The more stores you run, the more opportunity to earn multiple streams of income all year long no matter the season or trend.

However, wordpress is horrible for this strategy. Logging into all these wordpress sites takes a long time. Remembering all the passwords, making sure they are up to date, and worrying about malware hacking attacks that can steal your account right from under your nose and direct it to porn sites. A terrible problem that you do not want to deal with any time in your life.

The cool thing is that a boat load of you jumped on board as you recognized the amazing things that empoweredecom can do for you and your affiliate money sites! Well done for taking immediate action…thank you all!

Some are still sitting on the fence…which is cool but I really need you to recognize the massive difference Empoweredecom will make to your business in relation to saving you time (no multiple logins/plugin updates/WP updates/plugin updates etc), make you money (create more sites as all controlled from one central hub) and keep you more secure from hackers than ever before (revolutionary 100% secure for each and every site you add)!

==> In a hurry check out the amazing demo video for Empoweredecom here!

If you are an affiliate marketer, blogger, or site flipper and multiple WordPress installations overwhelm your time, it is important to find a solution that has the capacity to replicate the functionality and look of your sites easily, and in the quickest possible time…and this is where our new, revolutionary affiliate blog store platform comes into its own.

Empoweredecom does away with the arduous task of logging into dozens of separate WP-logins…one log-in gives you access to all of your sites from one central location….it’s that quick!


This is the only content management system that allows all of the above functions and more to occur from one, central location…the Central Dashbaord. It is also totally secure so there is no way that hackers can access your site and ruin all of your hard work! This has happened to me on several occasions in the past and quite frankly your income stops from that instant…and it takes ages to repair the destruction caused by the wordpress hackers – it’s no joke!


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