The Instant Pot: The kitchen gadget that EVERYONE is raving about

The Instant Pot, $179.00, is a multi-tasking electric pressure cooker which claims to do the job of seven different appliances – and it’s sending foodies wild.

Sourced through from: The main article about the Instapot is here. It does not matter that the news is from England.

A key lesson I learned in the content marketing game is that it is perfectly okay to add value to the conversation that is already going.


Here is a perfect example of a simple cooking appliance that is getting press coverage in newspapers and may be part of a pressure cooker trend. You never know, but no reason for me not to participate in the conversation with my perspective.


And my perspective is to use this consumer interest and help people find a pressure cooker for their home, and buy on Amazon, and earn a commission all with one content post. ¬†And in this case, it’s a curated post.


I added the pressure cookers with a few clicks of the button and I can add value about pressure cooking here. You can see the pressure cookers here.

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